Super Gold 50gm
Rolkem Super Gold Metallic Edible Luxury Luster Dusting Powder 10ml,By Cake Decor

Rolkem Super Gold Metallic Edible Luxury Luster Dusting Powder 50grm,By Cake Decor

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Rolkem Super Gold


Dusting powder. Approved food color, non toxic. Edible*

Use this product on your finished sugar craft items to give it a high shine similar to a metallic finish.

It can be dry brushed into any product, including chocolate. Can also be mixed with food grade alcohol or extracts.ñ to paint on.


Non-toxic for the enhancement of Decorative Arts & Craft.


Super Gold:
Super Gold Dust by Rolkem 50grm. This metallic highlighter dust is food approved in Europe, Canada, and Australia, otherwise it is considered non-toxic and for decorative use only. Rolkem super dust colors provide a glossy finish and will give your finished piece a beautiful metallic look. You can paint, mix, or dry brush this dust on fondant, gumpaste, etc. and it leaves a brilliant shine. Color can slightly vary from batch to batch.

Important Note:

The Golden color of Rolkem Super Gold has been changed to bit darker shade due to change in formulation, which increases the edibility of the product.