Centenary Excellence in Baking: Celebrate a legacy of 100+ years with Arife Lamoulde's premium bakeware

Our century-old heritage ensures you bake with nothing but the finest!

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For small business owners and entrepreneurs in the thriving culinary and bakery industry, having the right tools at your disposal is not just essential—it's an art. That's where we step in - Arife Lamoulde, showcasing a legacy of craft and quality since 1912. We specialize in selling silicone bakeware, moulds, and cups that transform baking into a streamlined process, coupled with the grace of professional finesse.

Our meticulously designed poly-carbonate chocolate moulds align beautifully with the intricate needs of modern bakers, offering not just a product, but an experience. Our multifaceted inventory extends to cake moulds, which range from versatile classics like the Double Strawberry and Round Bottom Cake Moulds to innovative shapes such as the Rectangle Muffin Baking Trays. Non-stick silicone cake pans and silicone muffin forms cater to bakers who value ease of use and durability.

Understanding the ever-evolving market, we also provide an array of specialty moulds. These include the elegant Rose Cake Moulds, pragmatic yet charming Heart Shape Bread Making Moulds, and the delightful Cute Silicone Bear Bake Moulds. Whether you're aiming for a traditional round shaped cake or hoping to delight with whimsical Star Form Cups and Heart Shaped Cake Decorations, our selection is curated to spark creativity and efficiency in your bakery's kitchen.

Born from a century of expertise and serving the contemporary baking community in Mumbai, India, and across the globe, we invite you to enhance your craft with Arife Lamoulde's products - where quality meets innovation at every bake.

At Arife Lamoulde, we adore the alchemy of baking—a blend of tradition and innovation. As we stand today, we are more than just a brand; we represent a century-old journey of passion and precision in crafting silicone bakeware and moulds that set industry benchmarks.

One cornerstone of our collection is the Silicone Cup Moulds, a favorite among confectionery artisans. They are not only easy to clean but also reusable, an eco-friendly alternative to the disposable paper cups. Bakers can leverage these moulds for cupcakes, miniature desserts, or even crafting frozen treats, owing to their excellent heat resistance and flexibility.

For the professionals looking to dazzle their clientele with astonishing chocolate sculptures, our Poly-carbonate Chocolate Moulds are the go-to. Each mold provides a flawless glossy finish that ensures each chocolate piece pops out with a professional sheen, making them irresistible on display cases.

Our Cake Moulds span from the classic to the creatively whimsical. The Double Strawberry and Round Bottom Cake Moulds are perfect for bakers who crave the timeless look, while our innovative shapes like the Rectangle Muffin Baking Trays are ideal for those looking to differentiate their offerings. These moulds assist in baking evenly and release effortlessly, a testament to our commitment to quality and functionality.

The masterpieces don't stop there. Specialty moulds like the Rose Cake Moulds enable bakers to create botanic wonders, suitable for elegant occasions, while the Heart Shape Bread Making Moulds sprinkle a dash of love into each recipe. Our Cute Silicone Bear Bake Moulds are particularly popular among those aiming to delight children and adults alike with adorably shaped bread, cakes, or frozen desserts.

At Arife Lamoulde, our pursuit for excellence is endless. We embrace the responsibility to equip Mumbai’s and the world's baking enthusiasts with tools that encourage their creativity, support their growth, and invariably add a touch of majesty to their culinary creations. Join us in the art of baking, sculpted by a legacy where each mold isn't just a tool, but a vehicle for inspiration and innovation.

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