Magic Colours Supa Powder Colorant Choco- Black(5g)

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Magic Colours Supa Powder Colorant

• High concentration colourant for chocolate
• Fine powder pigment
• Mix with chocolate, cocoa butter and more
• 100% Edible
• High concentration pigment
• 9 colours to choose from

Choco Colours

Multi Purpose 100% edible powder pigment for professional cake decoration and confectionery. Choco powder colour will allow you to colour chocolate effectively without affecting the consistency. Can be mixed with cocoa butter or oil for painting.
High concentration pigment
Powder Base
No more lumpy or speckled chocolate
Alcohol free
Gently melt your white chocolate in a Microwave, make sure it is not burnt or too hot, just soft en it enough for your needs. add the chocolate colour and very gently mix until coloured.
Magic Colours Chocolate colours are suitable for making pralines, ganache, chocolate piping and any chocolate décor.
Temperature and Agitated stirring can ruin your chocolate consistency and turn it dry and hard, and not suitable for piping or glazing. Also, large amount of colour may damage the gentle texture of chocolate and may harden it as well.Magic Colours have produced a range of food colours and flavours for cake baking and decoration.
Great for gumpaste, marzipan, icings, buttercream, chocolate, macaroons, rainbow cakes and much more.
Everything you need in one place.