Magic Colours™ Edible Lustre Dust - Orange Blast (8 ml)

Magic Colours™ Edible Lustre Dust - Orange Blast (8 ml)

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Magic Colours Edible Lustre Dust - Orange Blast (8 ml)

100% edible lustre dust powders for cake decoration, chocolate and more

Magic Colours Edible Lustre Dust is 100% Edible Lustre dust, crafted with MicroSheen™ Technology for enabling perfect luminance with just a few microns of coating. The MicroSheen™ Technology enables cake decorators to enjoy a long lasting product with perfect performance. Use it on Fondant, Chocolate, Marzipan, Almond Dragees, Icings, sprinkles and more !

Can be used for :

  • Sugar Flowers
  • Chocolate Coloring
  • Edible Make-up
  • Sugar Paste Painting

Features :

  • Kosher (Mehadrin)
  • 100% Edible
  • Above All, it is FAT FREE
  • Will work dry or with Alcohol
  • 4 years shelf life.
  • Store in dry and cool place.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Use a soft brush to apply. To get perfect effect.
  • Above All, it adds a special touch of luxury and sparkle with the lustre dust range.
  • Great for gumpaste, marzipan, icings, buttercream, chocolate, macaroons, rainbow cakes and much more.

Unlike non-food-grade luster dust (which, though non-toxic, is meant to come in only casual contact with food), this powder is safe enough to mix in the food as a glittery food color. Apply to fondant, gumpaste and cream.Click on the image above to enlarge it and get a better look at the choice of colors. Bear in mind, however, that youre seeing not the dusts but a representation of them on your computer screen, and different computers can have different color settings and resolutions, so the dusts themselves may differ slightly in color from the way they appear on your screen.Certified HKC Kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission.

Luster dusts are used to add a hint of color and sheen to fondant or gumpaste decorations including sugar flowers. Brush on dry or dissolve in lemon extract or clear spirits and paint on smoothly. Additionally, you can create shimmery cocktails, champagne, beer or any drink by adding a little edible luster or super pearl dust to your beverage. Go ahead, have some fun!