7C Maida All Purpose Flour 1 Kg Pack

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7C Maida All Purpose Flour 1 Kg Pack

Introducing Our Versatile All-Purpose Flour, the cornerstone of every baker's pantry. Our premium Maida Flour is meticulously milled to deliver consistent quality and superior performance, empowering you to create a wide array of detectable treats.

With its fine texture and neutral flavor, our Maida flour is the perfect foundation for a variety of Baked goods, from fluffy cakes and tender pastries to crispy cookies and golden breads. Its balanced protein content and gluten development properties ensure excellent structure and texture in your creations.


Baking Powder,  Baking Soda, Veg Gelatin, Non-Veg Gelatin, CMC, Gms, Gel Colours, Essences, Cake Gels Agar-Agar & More

Storage Conditions:

Store in a dry, air tight container. Keep in a cool, dry & insect free place away from the direct sunlight.