7C Cream of Tartar ( 75 gm )

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7C Cream of Tarter ( 75 gm )

Brand : 7C .
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Description :

7C Cream of Tartar is a fine white powder with many Culinary applications. An Indispensable ingredient in baking. Cream of Tartar when combined with baking soda and water acts as a leavening agent in cakes, quick breads & souffles to ensure that goods will rise well. Cream of Tartar is used in some soft drinks, candies,bakery products, gelatin desserts & many more in cooking, cream of tartar is used to give a creamier texture to icings and candy and to add volume and stability to egg whites in baking.

Ingredients : Poyassium bitartrate (INS336)

Storage Condition : Store away from direct sunlight or heat. Store in a cool and dry place in an air tight container.


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