Baking Sugars

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Purix Icing Sugar 1 Kg

Purix ™ Icing Sugar (1 Kg)

Rs. 94.00
Purix ™ Icing Sugar (1 Kg) Ingredients: Sugar, Edible Maize Starch Method: Beat the butter, add the Icing Sugar little at time. Add in the Cocoa Powder, if thicker Icing...
Purix Cator Sugar

Purix ™ Castor Sugar Crystals (500 g)

Rs. 47.00
Purix ™ Castor Sugar Crystals (500 g) Features: Purix ™ Castor Sugar is white, granulated sugar with very fine sugar crystals. It has a delicate, soft, supple texture that's a...