Cake Decor 1pc Stainless Steel Cake Lifter Big With Handle

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Cake Decor 1pc Stainless Steel Cake Lifter Big With Handle

  • Safely lift and transfer your decorated cream cakes layers onto the cake stand..
  • Cake lifter, not just for cakes, good cookie spatula when shifting hot cookies onto cooling rack, or as a pizza peel when trying to turn over pizzas and pies. Can too come in handy when moving small miniatures into place or moving dices of veggies & fruit into pan or bowl in one motion.
  • Fine chisel edge; smoothly glides under the light delicate layers. Sturdy Stainless Steel wide blade efficiently holds cakes up-to 16”. Non-slip comfortable handle precisely angled
  • Made from high quality Stainless Steel, will not rust over time. Modern finish, Colored handle.
  • Suited for right and left hand bakers-decorators and simple cooks. Will soon be your best kitchen Gadget!




  • Handling cakes can be tricky, whether you’re stacking fragile, split layers as you frost them or moving an iced cake to a serving platter.
  • You have surely pressed other kitchen gear into service, such as rimless cookie sheets, the bottoms of tart pans, or pizza peels.
  • Now, we have designed a cake lifter designed to slip under and support cakes, preventing breakage.


This unique tool will not only be used for transferring cakes can also be used;

  • To slide hot baked goods from cookie sheet onto cooling rack, as a large cookie spatula
  • Flipping pizza, pies, pastries, tarts etc.
  • Gathering cut up fruit, veggies, meats and cheeses into desired bowl/pan, the wide large surface will hold a lot a time.
  • Placing those delicate miniature goodies on display.

Special features :

  • Craftit Edibles designed, having you in mind:
  • Large – 8” Square surface
  • Reliable Grip – Wide comfortable handle at the perfect angle.
  • Quality – Stainless Steel rust free.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Additional information

Weight 250 g

Cake Decor








6.4 x 4.9 x 1.8 inches

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